Joplin, Missouri Tornado-stricken

Delta Chi means a lot to people. To me it means a place to call home at Mizzou…an “unconditional bond” or “uncommon bond” as we like to throw those words around. But there are these rare times when you see something happen and just go, “wow, this is why I joined Delta Chi, for this moment right here.”

It takes a lot to get me to that point and I’ve only truly experienced it two or three times before. Brotherhood and leadership are expected, but those above and beyond moments don’t happen everyday.

This past week has been inspiring. Every member of Delta Chi that picked up a phone, sorted clothing, carried a bag up or down stairs, invited someone on our event, or helped in their own way, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your unconditional and unquestioning donation of your time and talent is why Delta Chi is what it is. I have received numerous text messages, phone calls and twitter updates from people so immensely impressed with our work. Our ability to mobilize and step up to answer the call is why we are who we are.

The damage to Joplin is amazing. Photos cannot prepare you for how hard it is to see. All three of us almost lost it when we made the turn on to 20th street. There are no words for the devastation. But while homes have been erased, the human spirit has been reinforced and ignited. The amount of help and support and willingness to do whatever is needed is incredible. When we were done unloading our truck, another rolled in so we stayed and helped move all their donations. The bonds of humanity were quite clear. Old men, teenage girls, mothers…We were all one people, there to help those in need. It was amazing to see.

Our impact is small, but each item used by those displaced in Joplin will make a huge impact on their lives. You can be proud to know that the letters you wear mean something to the people of Joplin.

Casey Berner


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