Delta Chi’s Chosen for Rho Gamma

Delta Chi is especially excited to have one of our brothers be selected to be a Rho Gamma for Formal Recruitment 2011! Congrats to Casey Berner! Casey will disaffiliate from Delta Chi and lead potential new members through the Recruitment process this Summer. This is truly a fun, one time experience!

A Rho Gamma (PΓ) is a Recruitment/Refinement Guide.  These men are selected by an application and interview process conducted by the Interfraternity Council. A PΓ’s role is to serve the IFC community via Formal Recruitment and Membership Education and Development.  The individuals selected for these positions will be trained in many aspects of what it means to be a fraternity man, as well as Greek Life and the University at large.  The responsibilities of these positions will start in the Spring semester and end towards the close of the Fall semester. Rho Gamma’s disaffiliate from their fraternities in order to facilitate the Recruitment process for potential new members and provide them with an unbiased experience.

The Rho Gamma’s as well as the Interfraternity Council’s affiliation will be revealed to the Recruit’s on the final day of Formal Recruitment.


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