Delta Chi Man of Excellence Scholarship

The men of the Delta Chi Fraternity, Missouri Chapter, are looking for young men who are not only seniors in high school planning on attending the University of Missouri in the Fall of 2013, but who also exemplify the four pillars of the Delta Chi Fraternity in their every day lives. Our four pillars are: character, justice, friendship, and academic achievement. If you are a senior in high school who envelopes these values and has earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale you should consider completing the application. 

We are awarding multiple scholarships in the amount of $500. Please note, in order to apply or receive this scholarship you do not need to rush or join the Delta Chi Fraternity, or any Fraternity. We simply want to assist deserving students in attending the University of Missouri.

The application must be postmarked not later than March 1st. All finalists will be contacted by April 1st. We will award the scholarships in mid-April.

If you have any questions about our scholarship, or if you would like an application, email our Treasurer, Ethan Colbert at:


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Welcoming Beta Gamma

Fall 2012 was most certainly a growing semester for our Chapter. The new Beta Gamma class was full of 22 eager men wanting to not only gain the respect and comradery of the other brothers, but to also do their part to envelope the four pillars of Delta Chi into their daily lives and really prove that they have what it takes to be a Delta Chi. A few of the initiates were worried about the stereotypical “hazing” that is reported on some campuses, but they were each pleasantly surprised to learn that our Fraternity will never haze, and instead makes the transition into Brotherhood ambitious by requiring study hours, interviews which each of the active members getting to know each other better, and other brotherhood activities involving the four pillars. This is definitely the biggest and most award winning class the Missouri Chapter has welcomed in years. Congrats to all the new initiates, and we are all proud to call each of you a Brother. Welcome to the best Fraternity.

Born Proud, Raised Proud

Beta Gamma, Fall 2012

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Missouri Chapter receives Award of Excellence



The Delta Chi Convention is always important for anyone in the bond of Delta Chi, as it represents the fraternity at large. Yet, the Pittsburg 2012 convention was particularly meaningful for our chapter.

This year, the Missouri chapter was recognized with the Award of Excellence for the Red Division for its successful attempts in advancing the core values of the fraternity.

Every two years, during each Convention, the Delta Chi Award of Excellence is given to a chapter whose actions are “exemplary of the high ideals and standards of the fraternity.”  This is the highest recognition a Delta Chi chapter can earn; with the exception of the President’s cup, which can only be attained by previously receiving the Award of Excellence.

Brothers Sean Flanagan and Max Conger were responsible for representing Missouri in this occasion, and brought home the award with great excitement.

When asked about the award, President Sean Flanagan explained there are many reasons behind it, such as improvements in manpower and housing. “However,” Flanagan said, “the fact that we won Mizzou’s Catalyst award and that we keep pushing boundaries within our campus to strive for the values of Delta Chi are among the major factors”.

The award has huge significance as it reflects the successful efforts of our chapter.

Moreover, it is the payoff of the incessant dedication that many of our members and advisors have selflessly put into this chapter, in hopes of creating a better brotherhood for all.

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September 3, 2012 · 12:31 pm

Missouri Chapter at Delta Chi Convention – Pittsburg 2012

Held every two years, 2012 saw Pittsburg as the host of 58th Delta Chi International Convention, which took place from August 1-5. As the largest and most important meeting for our fraternity, the convention provides chapters the opportunity to voice their opinions in regards to the laws that constitute Delta Chi.

ImageThis year, brothers Sean Flanagan and Max Conger were responsible for representing the Missouri chapter. And, after missing several flights and a few pieces of luggage, they made it to Pittsburg.

As attendees, they not only had the chance to represent our chapter, but were also able to vote on proposed changes to the Delta Chi Law.

Additionally, the gathering gave our brothers the opportunity to establish dialogue with the main officers of the fraternity, and to discuss some of the issues pertaining our particular chapter. More specifically, they were able to share some thoughts about the future of our chapter.

One of such officers was Aaron Otto, who was elected “DD” for the overall fraternity during the occasion. Otto had previously served as regent for our region (region IV), and will now work as the new International Treasurer for the fraternity.

ImageBrother Flanagan was glad to see the functioning of the fraternity at large and to have being given the chance to participate and vote for motions regarding Delta Chi Law. He was excited to act at the highest hierarchical level for active members. “It is as high as it gets,” he explained.

“We got some good advice from them and discussed the right path which we have to follow,” Flanagan said.

Throughout the week, our brothers gained some valuable information for improving on chapter management Out of all the sessions they attended; Conger said there are two things that stuck with him the most. “How to make Board of Standards more effective, and make lessons stick in people’s mind,” Conger said.

Upon their return, our brothers brought home the Award of Excellence and gave some more details about the eventful trip. Luggage and travel problems aside, they made it clear that we are taking big steps in the right direction.  

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Alumni Newsletter Spring 2012 (Complete)


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I-Week BBQ